Night Just Before the Forests

José Gonçalo Pais
Set Design:
Jacobo García
Costume Design:
Juan Antonio Bello
AlmaViva Teatro
Lighting Design:
César Barló
Noemí Sánchez
Graphic Design:
José Gonçalo Pais
Elena López
AlmaViva Teatro

César Barló

Night Just Before the Forests, desperate monologue written by French author Bernard-Marie Koltès between 1976 and 1977, was firstly staged in 1977 at the Avignon Off Festival. An almost indecipherable hermetic text that sounds poetic at the same time, taking the viewer to a personal universe: an alienated prostituted everyday. Koltés introduces a man – a foreigner that might just be every man – adrift in such reality, who holds back people in a dark street where everything seems to get confused. Confused himself, he tries to express all the ideas that assault him to that “you” he has been looking at, turning around the corner. He might be telling his idea to a person… or all persons.

The performance AlmaViva Teatro presents in this dossier is the result of a process of research and investigation over six months of labour. The one thousand and more parts of the text, the altered sequential façades, or its legitimacy for a contemporary audience have been the keystones during the artistic residence in which the show was conceived.

Photo | Noemí Sánchez

A man. All men. A time. All times.

In this creation, as we said before, we find a lost guy trying to hold back someone in the middle of a street, making an effort to be listened. But we also find each one of the individuals who he stopped. Those who did not stop. All the people he knew in his wanderings on Friday nights. We get to know him through the legacy he left recorded on a video camera for posterity (which is precisely what Koltès did with his text).

AlmaViva Teatro explores the cry from one man who can be all men and women. A man living in a certain time, who lived – or will ever live – for all time. Because theatre is a mirror game and should be universal; every person coming into the hall should feel that the man who is now showing us his situation could be themselves, at any time. A theatrical proposal filled with poetry. The atmospheres engender an aesthetic experience at the same time poetic and contemporary. The use of new technologies through a live video camera resizes the viewing experience and makes it even closer.

We show Night Just Before the Forests as a whole creative production in which the audience is part of it. It’s a cry in the silence of an empty street where, if you have a minute, we tell you our idea, brother.
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